Why is it so difficult to achieve success in the music industry today, and has it always been so? Technology has advanced, different forms of media are more available, it is easier to promote yourself thanks to all the social networks we use such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others, which was not the case before, so one would easily think that it is easier to do your music, sell it and succeed at that like it was not the case 20 or 30 years ago when you really had to struggle to create a “name”, a brand that someone will recognize, promote and invest in, and eventually, make you a famous star.

It was a whole different story before, at the music scene, as there was no place for anyone who wanted to be a star and has their five minutes of fame. Going back 20 and 30 years forward, it was a time of numerous fashions, sexual and social revolutions, when eccentricity, originality, creativity, and freedom of expression were welcomed. Some things happened for the first time on the music scene; let’s not forget the pop queen Madonna who was the first one that made a trend of performing with dancers and making her own controversial shows she was famous for. But if we look at the whole picture, assuming that success means popularity, it was never really easy to succeed in the music industry, even as a band or an artist who is writing original songs, especially if you are playing some avant-garde, progressive metal or any non-mainstream genre.

You should, either is extremely skillful in your style and the way you represent yourself or have that “X-FACTOR” that will go beyond the talent, and change or influence some musical trend. Let s mention the indie-folk band The Accidentals, and why they are popular for. The bend is potentiating the theme of sexism, female stereotypes and feminism, and it is something that will always have its audience. They are trying to write unique songs that people can relate to or get something from, using catchy, happy melodies that are telling a deeper story or having some message: for example, one of their songs “Enlightened Sexism” was inspired by a book that is analyzing sexism in pop culture, so it is about breaking stereotypes and media pressure to look a certain way. It brings a message that diversity is beautiful, we are all different but beautiful and worth. So that is what all is about; to be original and to have a deeper message that will be well-composed and imbued with genuine emotion. You may never be the star you have always wanted, but you will remain yours, and you will be recognized among the right people/audience, no matter how big or small it is.